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Lugar de Paz
26 January 2009

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Ultimo Viaje
22 January 2009

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Siguiendo la Corriente
21 January 2009

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El Piano
7 January 2009

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Bañada por la lluvia
1 January 2009

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Descanso Eterno
23 December 2008

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18 December 2008

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3 December 2008

Recent Comments

farNaaz50 on Rain...
A very pure rain full of positive feelings .

Shaahin Bahremand on Rain...
wow ! it's a great art Have a lovely day

Mike on Irrealidades #25
wow !

Amerlina on Serie "Irrealidades" #6
hey i realy liked ur these series of photos , good job :)

Barbara Kile on The Lantern
Loving this reflection!

Barbara Kile on Rain...
Great abstract!

Magda on Estancia "El Olmo"
simply beautiful! ready to be framed

Magda on The Beach ( I )

Magda on The Kiwi Valley

Magda on The Beach ( II )
Breathtaking! Just gorgeous!

Magda on Irrealidades #37
outstanding work!

Magda on Looking Without Seeing
fantastic street shot

Magda on Rain...
very nice!

Barbara Kile on Rain...
Love this 'illusion' scene!

Zsákai Péter on Rain...
very good rainy mood.

Valeria Carolina on Laura at the Train Station (I)
Muy buen retrato, me gusta mucho el tono sepia, muy bien logrado!

Valeria Carolina on Equus (II)
Que bonita! Me gusta la luz que ilumina al caballo... buen ByN.

Valeria Carolina on Irrealidades #31
Buenísima! Súper original!

GIPSY ELENA on Farol ha gustado encontrar tus fotos.. :-)

GIPSY ELENA on La Charla de las Sombras
..buena.. muy buena..

GIPSY ELENA on Perfume de Mujer (III)
..con mucho glamour..

GIPSY ELENA on Equus (III) encanta.. yo tengo una imagen con cierta similitud pero en la mía hay una vaca tras la alambrada..

GIPSY ELENA on Irrealidades #31

GIPSY ELENA on Looking Without Seeing
..qué buena..

GIPSY ELENA on The Beach ( II )
..maravillosa Eduardo..

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ on Rain...
I love it.. your blurring looks a lot like the photos I have had up the last three days although yours is more ...

guillaume on Rain...
Troubling and interesting !!

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ on The Lantern
Hola amigo. My computer has been ill [fan went bad] so I was not on for awhile. Sorry I missed your photo but I am here ...

Barbara Kile on Irrealidades #37
Another wonderful 'angle!'

Barbara Kile on Fork & Shadow
I love this stuff! Great vision.

Garfield on Looking Without Seeing
Exactly ... well "seen"!

Sonia Nansid on Looking Without Seeing
Bonita escena.

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ on Looking Without Seeing
I could have taken this shot and not been afraid he would see me ;) Good capture Amigo!

salva on Fork & Shadow
Excelente serie jugando con las sombras.

Ioanaz on Fork & Shadow
just make simple things to look so good ,artistic and special!

Curly on Fork & Shadow
Why is this SO difficult for the rest of us?

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ on Fork & Shadow
Master of light and shadows I salute you, well done!

guillaume on Fork & Shadow
great serie !

salva on Irrealidades #37
Maravillosa imagen.

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ on Irrealidades #37
Not quite whole and yet the shadow makes it so. I am STILL waiting on that book but as you are adding more photos I ...

guillaume on Irrealidades #37
great great !! Well done !

sunstone_maria on Irrealidades #37
the shade is amazing here - great geometry - beautiful quality Eduardo!!!

Florence on The Beach ( II )
there's something truly magic about this shot, marvellous golden hint and all these people standing in there... is ...

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ on The Beach ( II )
Beautiful and in a way haunting, amigo. Very poetic. Besos!

jeffrey on The Beach ( II )
very nice image!

Curly on The Beach ( II )
This is outrageously good.

Anna.C on The Beach ( II )
superb silhouettes in this golden back light ! great !

guillaume on The Beach ( II )
Magic capture ! Wonderful !

DIMITRIOS on The Beach ( II )
pure art, bravo*****

k@ on The Beach ( II )
I love that yellowish play of silhouettes in bright light !

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